59 Being Hurt Quotes With Wise Solutions

59 Being Hurt Quotes With Wise Solutions

Being hurt by your loved one is really painful. Everyone feel hurt once a while in there life. Its really a poor feeling when one of your friend, family member hurt you by not understanding your feeling. When you yourself feel hurt only then you can realize this trauma.Sometime to whom you trust most hurt you and you can not do anything to them.So here we make an effort to collect some being hurt quotes and sayings, being hurt proverb, trust quotes and wise quotes for you to make you easy to express your feeling. Save and share the concept of being hurt quotes on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

Being hurt quotes for gf

Just because somebody is strong enough to handle pain doesn’t mean they deserve it.

Sometimes, being hurt too many times, doesn’t make you stronger, it destroy who you were, who you wanted to be and makes who you are today.

Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.

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The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.

If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need — go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help — the only ones.

Best emotional quotes for heartbroken people

Nobody can hurt me without my permission.

A word that has been said may be unsaid–it is but air. But when a deed is done, it cannot be undone, nor can our thoughts reach out to all the mischief’s that may follow.

It doesn’t hurt to feel sad from time to time.

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If someone really wants to hurt you, they’ll find a way whatever. I don’t want to live my life worrying about it.

Those who really love you don’t mean to hurt you and if they do, you can’t see it in their eyes but it hurts them too.

Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less.

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No matter how beautiful a lie is, in the end it hurts even more than the truth would have done.

No matter how beautiful a lie is, in the end it hurts even more than the truth would have done.

When someone stabs you it’s not your fault that you feel pain.

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It is when we hurt that we learn.

Do you know the feeling, when your heart is so hurt, that you could feel the blood dripping?

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The surest way to hurt yourself is to give up on love, just because it didn’t work out the first time.

Emotional hurting quotes and sayings

That old saying, how you always hurt the one you love, well, it works both ways.

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He who is or has been deeply hurt has a RIGHT to be sure he is LOVED.

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